Bluelightprotect dispay glasses
Provides more vitality and long-term concentration, makes burning and dry eyes disappear. More sharpness and focus during screen use.
Beautiful fitting with professional glasses
Developed together with a world-famous photobiologist Alexander Wunsch (MD)
Bluelightprotect PRO
Maximum protection at the workplace / study place, filters 99% blue light. Recommendation: eye complaints, fatigue symptoms, headache, insomnia problems. Increases melatonin production (sleep hormone) for a deeper sleep.
Bluelichtprotect LiTE
For daily use, for the prevention of macular degeneration. Recommended for better concentration, focus and more vitality during VDU work.
Blue light blocking glasses LiMBURG-LiTE
Blue light blocking glasses LiNDAU-LiTE
Blue light blocking glasses MURNAU-LiTE
Blue light blocking glasses FREiBURG-LiTE
Blue light blocking glasses FRANKFURT-PRO
Blue light blocking glasses CLiP-ON-LiTE

PRiSMA Bluelightprotect blue light filter

Top 8 complaints due to harmful blue light

  1. Headache
  2. Concentration problems
  3. Burning eyes
  4. Tired eyes
  5. Dry eyes
  6. Fatigue after computer work
  7. Macular degeneration
  8. Insomnia problems

PRiSMA Bluelightprotect glasses is the solution to the above problems. In the screens of now LCD and LED there is too much blue light in the color spectrum. This has a lot of influence on our health: the eye but also on the endocrine and cellularlevel of man. This blue light is very stressful to the eye, creating visual stress. The Bluelightprotect glasses filter 92 to 99% of the harmful blue light, this will reduce your symptoms and your concentration will increase.More information….

Filters Blue light

Color spectrum analysis with a Bluelightprotect PRO

Prism LED screen graph
LED monitor, blue is present in excess
PRISMA LED graph PRO filter
The PRO filter clearly eliminates blue

More peace of the eyes, allowing more focus and concentration.


In the evening more melatonin production, so you better fall asleep and sleep through.

Brain injury and visual problems


Better learning performance with blue light filter glasses!

Since it is known that blue light is harmful, and is increasingly being investigated. Are many products on the market. The so-called "computer glasses" or "gamer glasses" usually offer light-tinted glasses with insufficient protection.

We do not want to compromise when it comes to your health! Our lenses are produced according to the latest filter and measurement technology. They have been developed by physician and light biologist Alexander Wunsch and guarantee the highest scientific standards.

Bluelightprotect PRO filter

PRiSMA PRO offers maximum protection at your workplace or at bedtime because it filters 99% blue light. To be used wif you spend a lot of hours with monitors or in an environment with lots of light (LED light or fluorescent light), and especially in the eveningswhen blue light is particularly disruptive to the sleep / wake rhythm.The PRO should be used if you already have eye complaints, fatigue symptoms, headaches, or sleep problems. And you want a good night's sleep.

Bluelightprotect LiTE filter

PRiSMA LiTE filters the blue light to a lesser extent 92%, but offers good protection. These glasses are necessary as prevention if you do not have any complaints yet. PRiSMA LiTE is for computer work or watching TV and for use during the day. If you have difficulty concentrating or focusing on other activities that do not require a monitor, such as reading a book or doing precise work, these glasses can also offer a solution.

Bluelightprotect PRO vs LiTE overview


Bluelightprotect glasses have been developed to offer you a simple and safe method to protect your eyes from excessive blue light radiation.The materials used are very sturdy, the glasses are made of polycarbonate. The filter lenses are hard sealed with anti-reflection coating. Disturbing reflections and light effects caused by external incident light are greatly reduced. The PRiSMA PRO and LiTE are equipped with a UV400 filter. In addition, the LiTE shade is excellent for use in traffic (in the EU, not according to US and Australian standards). The glasses are packed in a nice box and you get a certificate of authenticity. We have 6 beautiful design frames and a clip-on from which you can choose in our webshop.

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