More and more people are experiencing visual fatigue in our contemporary society. Our eyes are not made to look at digital screens all day long, this can be up to 8 to 10 hours a day and also with artificial lighting such as LED lights that have an effect on our hormone system. We continuously look at our smartphone, television, tablets, games and computers we get tired eyes and have a bad night’s sleep.

PRiSMA Bluelightprotect -blue light technology is developed by physician and light biologist Alexander Wunsch. We guarantee the highest scientific standards. The glasses protect you from the harmful blue light and to reduce tired eyes! Our glasses are also highly regarded by ophthalmologists, who prescribe it for macular degeneration. Our glasses have a amber glass, this allows us filter 95 to 99% harmful light and thus we have the highest blue light blocking filter technology there is. You have more focus and a higher contrast, so that you can enjoy your screen activities in a relaxed way.

The solution: Bluelightprotect technology

  • No more tired eyes
  • Improved concentration
  • No more headache
  • Prevent Macular degeneration
  • Reduced neck and shoulder complaints
  • Preventive against (in) sleep problems (insomnia)
  • Improved the overall well-being
  • Burning eyes and watery eyes are a thing of the past
  • More sharpness and focus
  • Prevents your eyes from getting worse by computer work
Bluelightprotect PRO Screen glasses
Percentage BPF Blue Light Protection Filter 99%

PRiSMA PRO offers maximum protection for the eyes and for better sleep, because it blocks 99% blue light. The PRO can best be used in the evening and at night. Or during the day when you are having a lot of problems with artificial light and get headaches.

Bluelightprotect LiTE Screen Glasses
Percentage BPF Blue Light Protection Filter 95%

PRiSMA LiTE blocks the blue light for 95%: relaxation and creativity, offering good protection. With the LiTE the colors on the screen are more visible for TV and computer. Also suitable for traffic.


Facts about blue light

The AmericanVision Council has established if you stare at a screen for more than 2 hours that you are already experiencing discomfort such as digital eye strain.

About 80 percent of US adults report using digital devices more than two hours a day, with almost 67 percent using two or more devices at the same time, 59 percent have symptoms of digital eye strain.

Americans report experiencing the following symptoms of digital eye strain:
32.4 percent eye fatigue
27.2 percent dry eyes
27.7 percent headache
27.9 percent report blurred vision
35 percent report pain in the neck and shoulders

More than 70 percent of US adults report that their child gets more than two hours of screen time per day, but nearly 25 percent still do not worry about the impact of digital devices that have a screen.

Outdoor games is the most popular activity that children are involved in, as well as a digital device (23.1 percent) and TV viewing (20.1 percent).American adults report that their children experience the following after being exposed to two or more hours of screen time:

8.8 percent eye strain
5 percent nek / shoulder pain
9.1 percent oog pressure, dry or irritated eyes
15,2 percent less attention
13.3 percent bad behavior
13.5 percent irritable

Source:The Vision Council

Blue light, also called high-energy visible (HEV)

Blue Light(HEV)

While looking at a screen, you look straight into the light source, so that the light radiation hits the macula lutea (yellow spot) directly and unfiltered. The macula lutea is the area of ​​the most direct view and is located behind the eyeball. While UV light is filtered through the lens of the eye. The blue light reaches the retina, where it can gradually lead to conditions such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), an incurable condition of the yellow spot that eventually leads to blindness. Numerous studies have linked blue light to the development of AMD, because blue light radiation leads to the formation of free radicals, which bring the retina cells under oxidative stress and can even completely destroy cells.

Light with a large amount of short-wave blue radiation influences the hormonal system by reducing the production of melatonin (the “sleep hormone”) and promoting the production of “stress hormones” cortisol and ACTH.This mechanism, which is logical during the day, can be a serious threat to our health if we are confronted with too much blue light in the afternoon and evening hours. Disturbances in the hormonal balance can lead to so-called lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and to disorders of the metabolism and a weak immune system.

Light refraction is dependent on the wavelengths and the shortwave blue light (400 – 500 nm) breaks at a different angle than red light with a long wavelength. It is therefore aimed at another level within the eye, which leads to color fringes and blur. That’s why pilots and athletes often wear yellow glasses that filter blue light, improving visual acuity and contrast. AMD patients are often prescribed yellow glasses or contact lenses to protect their macula from harmful blue light.

Red and near-infrared light activates cytochrome oxidase, a central enzyme of mitochondrial function, which promotes healing and can repair tissue damage at the cellular level. If you spend most of the day under artificial light with a large proportion of blue light and tail in computer or TV screens, the eye is overloaded with blue light. These light sources usually lack the circulating and regenerating red frequencies and therefore there is hardly any chance that the body regenerates again.

How does the Bluelightprotect computer glasses work

This is the natural light of the sun that reaches the electromagnetic spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet.

Prisma LED scherm chart

All digital devices have a LED screen, as you can see in the graph blue light is present in excess, we also call this high-energy visible (HEV) blue light waves. The most common devices are smartphones, tablets, computers, television, and nearby LED and fluorescent lamps.

With Bluelightprotect technology we can filter this harmful blue light so that only the other colors get passed. This reduces eye damage and ensures that you produce melatonin in a normal way.

Oogbol met bluelightprotect beschermd
PRISMA LED chart PRO filter

The Bluelightprotect PRO computer glasses clearly eliminate the blue HEV light 99% (380-500nm). As result it gives the eyes relaxation and keeps you more focused.

For these reasons you buy Bluelightprotect computer glasses

Use of digital devices are only increase, and it creates health problems that you actually do not expect. Such as visual fatigue, headache, dry tired eyes, burning eyes, watery eyes, irritated eyes, flickering vision, blurred vision, general fatigue, nervous traits to the eyelid and myopia. These isses are not always associated with blue light from digital devices. As you have read, long-term exposure may cause permanent eye damage. Macular degeneration is the third cause of blindness worldwide. Insomnia affects about ten to fifteen percent of adults worldwide. Long-term insomnia has a negative impact on quality of life and productivity. In addition, untreated insomnia is a risk factor for the development of depression, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and up to metabolic disorders and a weak immune system. In brain disorders such as Traumatic brain injury, NAH, but also in mental fatigue, concentration problems customers tell that they can concentrate better and it blocks outside stimulations it give a more relaxed brain.

There are many different blue-light filter products on the market, FLux, transparent glasses, glasses with a light yellow tint. We are the only ones on the market that can guarantee 95% to 99% blue light reduction. (There are various spectrum analyzes in the FAQ on the site).

From our customer satisfaction survey, which started in 2012 since we sell these Bluelightprotect blue light blocking glasses, 98 percent of our customers appear to be satisfied and use the glasses almost daily. We would also like to hear your experience!

Because the dangers of blue light are becoming increasingly known, many companies have followed our example and have developed their own “protective” glasses. Under names such as “Computer Glasses” or “Gamer-Eyewear” they mostly offer glasses with a light yellow or brown tint, which promises good color recognition.

Extensive protection by eliminating all blue light components logically changes color perception.
Our AMBER PRO and AMBER LiTE filters both offer optimum protection in the short-wave spectrum range below 500 nm, the frequencies responsible for severe damage to the retina.
In the blue-green range up to 550 nm, which mainly concerns the hormonal activity of light, our AMBER PRO filter offers excellent protection, the AMBER LiTE filter offers a higher permeable speed and therefore better color recognition.

We therefore recommend using the AMBER LiTE filter during the day, when the body is well adjusted to deal with the hormonal effects of blue light, and using the AMBER PRO filter in the evening and at night, when complete protection is essential.

Another interesting fact, often forgotten by our competitors, is the amazing ability of the eye (actually, the brain) to bring a color shift in balance. We are able, as it were, to get an “automatic white balance”, a phenomenon called chromatic adjustment.

Our circadian rhythm is regulated by light, day-night rhythm. The blue light is needed for adjusting the “biological clock”. The cells in the ganglion layer, which have a direct connection with the brain and maintain the circadian rhythm, are most sensitive to light with wavelengths around 460 nm (= blue light).

Blue light sets the body in “day mode”, suppresses the production of melatonin, called sleep hormone, and increases the production of various stress hormones such as cortisol.

This is fine as an adaptation to the actual time, but excessive exposure to blue light, especially at night and at night, causes serious health problems.

A lack of melatonin not only leads to a bad night’s rest, but also plays a role in the development of hormone-related cancers, such as breast and prostate cancer, and is a risk factor for so-called “lifestyle diseases” (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure .

What can you do:

The hormonal impact of blue light is especially disturbing for the circadian rhythm in the afternoon and evening. If you work on a screen (or TV viewing) at night, the ideal protection for your eyes and your hormone system is the blue-light protective Bluelightprotect PRO.

Remove all LED and energy-saving lamps from your area and sleep in the darkest possible environment. Street lighting is increasingly increasing the burden of blue light in our light environment, because LED is becoming more popular. Use heavy curtains or shutters wherever possible.

Natural daylight is the best we can give our body for optimal health, especially with regard to our hormonal balance. Make sure you spend a day outside for a while.

Oxidative properties of short wave light (blue light) Short-wave light has a high energy potential and can produce oxygen-free radicals when it touches the tissue. This leads to oxidative stress that can damage and even destroy the cells. The spot with the most acute sight, the yellow spot or macula lutea, has its own natural protection, made from the body’s own pigments (mainly lutein and zeaxanthin), which filter out the short wave-light. The density of these pigments decreases with age and the blue light fully expresses its oxidative potential. It can then lead to age-related macular degeneration; the yellow spot deteriorates more and more and eventually disappears. Macular degeneration is the leading cause of acquired blindness. People with first signs of macular degeneration often get prescribed yellow tinted glasses, to protect themselves against blue light, to slow the progression of the disease. What can you do: Avoid LED lighting and energy-saving lamps as much as possible. Where you can not avoid them, it may be useful to use an extra incandescent light because the red and near infrared spectrum can protect against cell damage and can even regenerate the cells. Protect your eyes with bluelightprotect computer glasses when working with flat screens or TV viewing, use smartphone and remember to make ambient light healthier with extra light bulbs. A healthy diet, rich in antioxidants (lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, especially berries) supports the body in dealing with oxidative stress.


  • Blue light protection PRO approx. 99% (380-500nm)
  • Blue light protection LiTE approx. 95% (380-500nm)
  • Hardened, polycarbonate glasses to avoid scratches
  • Anti-reflective coating on the front and back of the lens
  • Cleancoat – dirt-resistant.
  • 100% UVA and UVB filter
  • Also available in Clip-on
  • Increasing contrast
  • Increases visual acuity
  • Less stress and more vitality
  • LiTE usable in traffic, (glare xeon and led lamps of cars)
  • CE certified