The Bluelightprotect glasses are specially designed to block a specific frequency of blue light, 400nm up to 500nm. This can be determined with a spectrum analyzer. Regular yellow glasses block the spectrum for a maximum of 15% and Bluelightprotect 95% up to 99%.

Grefiek LED scherm
LCD or LED display
Grafiek normale gele bril
Random yellow glasses
Grafiek met bluelightprotect LiTE
Bluelightprotect LiTE

Which glasses should I choose?

PRiSMA PRO: Is recommended if people experience eye complaints, fatigue symptoms or headaches. The PRO reduces the light more than the LiTE, making the screen more quiet to watch. This is also suitable for a better night’s sleep (melatonin production) in the evening.

PRiSMA LiTE: If you have no or a beginning fatigue or eye problems, you can use these glasses as prevention. Because PRiSMA filters LiTE blue for 95% there is better color recognition and these glasses are better suited for graphic design or as autocad drawer. These glasses can also be used during driving and other activities where no screen is required, such as reading a book or precision work.

Why do our glasses have such a strong tint?

Since the hazards of blue light are becoming more and more familiar, many companies have followed our example and developed their own “protective” eyewear. Under names like “Computer Glasses” or “Gamer-Eyewear”, they mostly offer glasses with a light yellow or brown tint, with promising good color recognition. To make this happen, an average of 15% of the blue light is blocked.

We think the health aspect is very important and that is why we go for the best protection. We block 95 to 99% of the blue light, this is why our glasses are more darker and orange in color.

Are the lenses also available on strength?

No, this is not possible. If you have an optical abnormality on your eye, you will need prescription glasses or lenses. You can use our PRiSMA Bluelightprotect glasses in combination with glasses or lenses.

For glasses we have a Clip-On that you can click on your glasses.

Can I put the Marnau over my glasses?

No, this is not possible, for this we have a Clip-On available.

Cleaning and maintenance

Clean your glasses with a soft cloth or with warm water and detergent if necessary. Then you dry your glasses with a soft cloth. Take care when cleaning, do not exert too much pressure on the glass to avoid premature wear. Do not use paper towels or other material with wood fiber. Frequent use of the glasses and CLiP-On lenses can lead to fine scratches on the surface. These are normal signs of wear and do not give reason to warranty claims.


The PRiSMA glasses and frame are guaranteed for 1 year. Normal use of the glasses can cause scratches, these scratches are not covered by warranty.

I can not stand the lighting in stores such as supermarkets. Do I benefit from Bluelightprotect glasses?

Fluorescent light bulbs or energy-saving lamps are often used in stores, as they contain a high amount of blue in the light spectrum. Our PRiSMA eyeglasses blocks the blue away so that your view is restful.