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Why is Bluelight Protect glasses better than any yellow glasses?

The Blue Light Protect glasses is specially designed to block a specific frequency of blue light, 400nm t / m 500 nm. This can be determined with a spectrum analyzer. A regular yellow glasses blocks the spectrum for at most 15%, and Blue Light Protect 92% t / m 99%.

Grefiek LED screen
LCD or LED monitor screen
Graph normal yellow glasses
Random yellow glasses
Graph with blue light protectors LiTE
Bluelight Protect LiTE

Which lenses should I choose?

PRiSMA PRO: Is recommended if people already experiencing eyestrain, fatigue or headaches. The PRO reduces the light over the LiTE, so the screen is slow to watch. For better sleep (melatonin production), it is suitable in the evening.

PRiSMA LiTE: If you have no or incipient fatigue or eye problems, you can use these glasses as prevention. Because PRiSMA LiTE blue for 92% filters has better color recognition and these glasses better suited for graphics design or autocad draftsman. These glasses can also be used while driving and other activities where no display is required, such as reading a book or precision.

Why our glasses have such a strong tone?

Since the blue light hazards are becoming more familiar, many companies have followed our example and developed their own "protective" goggles. Under the names "computer glasses" or "Gamer Picture Display", they offer large glass with a light yellow or brown tint, promising good color recognition. In order to make this happen is blocked on average 15% of blue light.

We think the health aspect is very important and therefore we go for the best protection. We block 92 to 99% of blue light, therefore our glasses are darker and orange.

His glasses also available on strength?

No this is not possible. If you have an optical defect of the eye, will your optician glasses / lenses must let measure. Our PRiSMA Bluelight Protect glasses can be used in combination with glasses or contact lenses.

For glasses, we have a clip-on that you can click on your glasses.

Can I Marnau put over my glasses?

No it is not, do we have a Clip-On is available.

Cleaning and maintenance

Clean your glasses with a soft cloth or with hot water and detergent if necessary. Then rub dry your glasses with a soft cloth. Be careful when cleaning, do not apply on the glass too much pressure to avoid premature wear. Do not use paper towels or other material with wood fiber. Frequent use of the glasses and clip-on lenses can cause fine surface scratches. These are normal signs of wear and do not give rise to warranty claims.


PRiSMA the glass and the frame is 1 year warranty. Normal use of the glass can cause scratches, the scratches outside the garanatie.

I can not stand the lighting in stores such as supermarkets. I benefit from Bluelight Protect glasses?

In stores are often used fluorescent lamps or, as they contain can suffer from this high level of blue in the light spectrum. Our PRiSMA glasses filter out the blue path through which you view calm.