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PRiSMA P1 computer glasses PRO + brillenkoker


Protection against excessive blue light emanating from monitors such as computer, tablet, smartphone and TV.

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PRISMA® P1 Bluelight Protect "PRO" with brillenkoker
Frame: stainless steal gun metal.
Glass: Hard Coating, Fully antireflective coating is an anti-reflection coating on the front and back of the glass, dirt and water repellent Clean Coating, UVA / UVB 400.

PRiSMA PRO provides maximum protection for your workplace. The special lenses, filter the most lavish of the blue light from the monitor and other artificial blue light sources such as fluorescent lights and energy saving lamps.
When these glasses also helps in the evening, your melatonin (sleep hormone) production will rise more making you fall asleep more easily, because we need more protection against blue light at night than during the day.

- Blue Light protection PRO about 99% (380-500nm)
- Protects the eye against high proportion of blue light.
- Protection against endocrine disruption.
- Contrast enhancing.
- Glasses are of unbreakable material with a scratch-resistant layer.
- Improves visual acuity.
- Less stress and more vitality.
- Ontspiegelt and completely anti-reflective.
- 100% UVA and UVB filter.
- Adjustable nose bridge.



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