Traumatic brain injury and Bluelightprotect

Because of my non-congenital brain injury that I contracted years ago, I started to sell Bluelightprotect glasses because I have so much benefit from these glasses. You look sharper, making you less tired. But the biggest problem with brain damage is that the brain has to continually run overtime, which then also depletes the adrenal glands. What happens if your adrenals do not function optimally, the iris of the eye can squeeze less. The result is that you get too much light, so you have trouble to read well on the screen. With a Bluelightprotect glasses, the eye is less stressed so you will suffer less from this. The glasses allow less light through, allowing you to focus longer on the screen. And your iris does not have to constantly adjust.

You can do a test or have your adrenal exhaustion.
To perform this test, sit in a dark room in front of a mirror. Take a flashlight and shine it from the side of your face past your eyes. If your adrenal glands are exhausted, your pupils will not be able to squeeze for more than 2 minutes and they will grow bigger even though there is light on them. In people with healthy adrenal glands, the squeezing of the iris will last much longer.